Katie Fox

Katie Fox

Managing Director

Katie is our all action, hands on director who has an eagle’s eye when it comes to attention to detail.

She loves being an estate agent and will celebrate her twentieth anniversary in the industry next year. (2020).

Born and bred locally she’s a familiar face having helped hundreds of people to move successfully. She also loves where she lives and can’t decide which she prefers best, the forest, beaches or coastline. It’s her fondness of the area that inspired her to set up the #LoveWhereWeLive & #LoveWhereWeLiveCommunity pages on Facebook.
They are places where locals can post about their small businesses, community events or general news.

She enjoys building long term relationships with people and her personable nature means she’s our office’s Little Miss Popular.

Katie loves a bit of fine dining but spending time with her family and young daughter Isabella tops her to do away from the office list.

Katie’s Top Property Tip: Before putting your property up for sale find a good solicitor (we can recommend some). This will speed up the sales process by 2-3 weeks as you would already have much of the legal paperwork prepared.

Favourite Place Locally: Compton Acres is Katie’s idea of a hidden gem. It offers you lovely gardens before bringing you through to a stunning view of Poole Harbour

Ryan Woolfenden

Ryan Woolfenden


Ryan is our founder and the man behind our marketing.

While he’s great at making our business stand out from our rivals and being Mr Positive, he’s rubbish at making tea.

Despite his early years being up north (Rochdale), he came down south as a teenager and ended up playing professional football for Bournemouth. An injury scuppered any chance of a Premier League career, and dreams of buying a Sandbanks’ mansion with Harry Redknapp as a neighbour.

Ryan doesn’t take himself too seriously but is 100 percent committed to looking after all our clients and in keeping with his sporting background, he loves nothing more than seeing the Leader Fox team grow and develop their skills. Actually, he does love something more than that, his wife and his twins Zachary & Darcey. (He’s also got twin sausage dogs, Elvis and Buster.)

So, if you ever pop into our office say ‘hello’ to Ryan but maybe politely decline his offer of tea.

Ryan’s Top Property Tip: If you are going to sell your property take the time to research the local estate agents carefully. Not all agents are the same. You should feel confident that the agency you instruct has a clear plan around how it will market and sell your property successfully.

Favourite Place Locally: Ryan knows his food so he’s worth listening to when he recommends The Pig on the Beach in Studland as a lovely restaurant in a stunning setting.

George O'Sullivan

George O'Sullivan

Sales Consultant

George is the undisputed champion of tea making in our office – but it’s worth noting this is a self- awarded accolade.

Despite only being in his mid-twenties, George has been an estate agent for more than six years.

His favourite part of the job is handing over the keys to happy homeowners when their purchase is completed, and knowing he’s played a part in that journey. If George wasn’t helping people buy or sell their homes, a job as a greenkeeper on a golf course would be right up his street.

He’s an honest chap who will tell it as it is, well perhaps aside from some tall tales about his golfing handicap and tea making prowess.

George’s Top Property Tip: When getting your property valued ask to see evidence that the agent has based their valuation on. It’s very easy for an agent to come up with an unrealistic price to get instructed but it pays to use an agency who can show comparable evidence on why they’ve come up with that figure.

Favourite Place Locally: Ashley Cross is a great place for a coffee or to socialise with friends. And George the Golfer loves the variety of courses in the area especially Parkstone.

Stephanie Dyke

Stephanie Dyke

Sales Progressor

Stephanie is our office’s all-rounder and a young woman of many talents.

She helps with all the admin AND oversees the very important job of progressing sales.

With more than five years of estate agency experience under her belt she knows her stuff. She uses her naturally friendly, diplomatic and bubbly personality to great effect when keeping clients happy and regularly updated with any news.

Talking of bubbly, she’s very sociable and likes the occasional glass of wine to escape the pressures of sales progression.

And Stephanie can hand on heart say she is living the dream as she always wanted to be an estate agent. No, honestly that’s what she told Ryan and Katie at her interview.

Stephanie’s Top Property Tip: Declutter as much as possible because most people can’t see beyond it and it puts lots of people off immediately.

Favourite Place Locally: The Harbour Heights Hotel for its amazing views across the harbour. A glimpse of heaven on a summer’s evening.

Vicky Kimberley

Vicky Kimberley

Portfolio Manager

Vicky is our multi-tasking property manager extraordinaire and the offices’ political powerhouse.

So popular is she with our landlords and tenants, that several of them have said if she ran for public office they’d vote for her.

She’s Ashley Cross born and bred and has worked in the estate agency industry for more than six years. Which is ironic as she became an agent almost by accident having originally trained and qualified as a beauty therapist.

She gets a buzz out of solving clients’ problems (as long as they don’t involve maths).

When she’s not spinning property plates, solving problems and winning votes, she enjoys days out with her teenage son.

Vicky’s Top Property Tip: Landlords should instruct the agent that they feel will do the best job for them and not choose to go with whoever is the cheapest.

Favourite Place Locally: To avoid the crowds, enjoy free parking and be under the watchful eye of Baywatch like Lifeguards, Vicky says Branksome Chine is the best of the plethora of local beaches.

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