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If at first you don't succeed... try again.

Not every success story is one that goes perfectly to plan. It's easy to look good when everything is going well but when the proverbial hits the fan we see this as an opportunity to demonstrate our compassion, tenacity and skill.

Having successfully agreed a sale on the property, over asking price, and successfully progressed the deal to the point where we were ready to exchange contracts a sudden change of circumstances with the buyer meant we were back to the drawing board. Our sellers still desperate to continue with their purchase and meet the SDLT holiday needed a new buyer....fast. George pulled out all the stops and was able to achieve the same price without going to market. Better still, we were able to get the searches transferred to the new buyer which enabled us to hit the ground running. This time, and only 38 days later, contracts were successfully exchanged! A huge pat on the back to Stephanie, our dedicated sales progressor, for making this happen too!

To top it off, we received this lovely review....

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