It’s a Sunday morning and after enjoying a delicious cup of coffee we head off to the beach.  It is not the best of days, the skies are grey and threatening rain, but every now and then the clouds part and the sun peeks through, warming our cheeks. The beach is particularly empty, except for a couple of people walking their dogs, and as we walk along the water’s edge the sound of the waves makes me smile.Many people leave their home town to go off and seek their destiny in pastures new; some will come back, but for others it’s a new beginning.  This desire never took me, I love where we live, and I don’t think I have ever taken it for granted.  We have beautiful scenery, the perfect mix of coastline and countryside.With a natural harbour at Poole, blue flag beaches, quaint and picturesque villages, it is hard not to be passionate about this place.  I enjoy taking photos, as even in somewhere so incredibly familiar to me, I always find something new and interesting I want to capture.  The blossoms decorating a tree in Ashley Cross Green on a spring day, the way the sun hits the fountain, casting showers over the water, and our wonderful high street, bursting with independent stores.At the heart of it all is the people, and this community has helped shaped my life in one way or another.  It is great to have the opportunity to share my passion with others; for example, when we have potential buyers looking to move into the area, I let them see it through my eyes.  Yes, they are buying a property, but they are also joining a community, and knowing and understanding how that community lives and how it can benefit them, can often be a deciding factor.Families will always be conscious about schools, which is the best one for their child, and is the property they’re viewing in the right catchment area?  Professionals have lifestyle and commute times on their minds, and couples tend to look for quality of life.  Every potential buyer I meet has specific needs, and through my knowledge and personal experiences I can open the doors to the possibilities that living in a particular property and neighbourhood can bring.Living here for so long, I have seen the area grow and evolve, and by watching history repeat itself I can often predict where the local market is going, which areas are on the rise, and prime spots for investment.  Adding value to our business and the service we provide our clients is as rewarding as it is enjoyable.I would love to know why you #LoveWhereWeLivePS - don't forget to join our Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoveWhereWeLive/

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