It’s funny how you view things differently over the years.  I remember walking down the streets to school, looking at the houses on my way and, although one or two may have caught my eye, I didn’t really take it all in.  As the years pass, you begin notice more; the colour of the front doors, the flowers in the gardens, and the different styles of houses there are.  Then, one day, your sideward glances turn into stares, the streets turn into rows of potential homes.  You play games with yourself as you decide which one you will call your own - when you win the lottery, of course.Then, one day, it happens. You have put the wheels in motion; you have a deposit, a mortgage in principle, and the green light to buy your first home.  The overwhelming excitement is hard to describe, but you will never forget that feeling of getting the keys and opening the door to your new home.I have known families who have lived in the same property all their lives, others that move every couple of years.  Each and every one of us has a property journey, and I have the privilege of being part of some of them.  It is always wonderful to see clients return over the years as their lives change and evolve, and they move up and down the property ladder.I remember helping one family find a new home as they required more space; years later the children had families of their own, and the couple were looking to downsize so they could enjoy life to the fullest.  Then there are the first time buyers. There is one woman who I have seen move several times over the years;  her first small property, full of character, was the perfect match.  Then, when she found love, together they bought a place that would meet both of their needs.  The arrival of their first child saw another move, and I am sure I will see them again in the future.Buying and selling houses is often seen as a transaction, a one-off purchase.  But for me, property is a journey; I am here to support my clients for the long-term.  Working with my clients so closely benefits us both;  I know their likes and dislikes, and when they are ready to move, I am always one step ahead, searching for that perfect next property.  No matter where life takes them, I see it as my role to help them find, buy, and sell, whenever they need me.Wherever your life takes you, I would be honoured to be a part of your property journey.

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