One thing we are not shy on at LeaderFox is change; over the last couple of years we have moved offices, consistently reviewed and improved our service, as well as seen changes within our team.  Change is good as long as it has a positive impact on the business, which is why we are on the move again.The service we deliver to our clients is always our priority, we're obsessed with keeping up to date with what technical innovations are being launched to aid our offering, absorbing articles on digital media and marketing and participating in webinars and training to ensure that we are always at the top of our game.The estate agent business is extremely different in many ways than it was even 10 years ago, but the core of what we do remains the same. It is about ensuring each and every client is personally supported through the entire sales process, pushing each property through proven marketing and advertising, sourcing properties and effectively and efficiently managing properties for our landlords.When you’re passionate about property, your desire to see what is available, even when you are not looking, is ingrained.  It is not that we were looking to move, but when unexpected premises became available in the heart of Ashley Cross it got us thinking.Just as you get that feeling when you step inside a home and know it is the one, we had that same sensation.  The vision of a flagship office started to unfold and I could see how this premises would be of great benefit to our team.  The seed was sown, the offer was made and quickly accepted.Our new flagship office is now open ready for the busy season ahead and we have moved out of our previous branch in Ashley Cross. Don’t worry though we’ll be easy to spot as we’ve only moved next door!Our other branch in Wallisdown will be retained as a property management office and satellite office supporting our flagship office and has very the same vibe and feel having only been refurbished a short time ago. This office will be by appointment only but also features a touch screen showcasing our available properties 24/7 to potential applicants.Having all the team in one building will aid the cohesive way in which we operate and encourage innovation within and across our teams. The move into our flagship office will also open the doors to other opportunities and the team are excited by the possibilities ahead.  Having such an office is a statement; it cements our standing in the area and allows us to offer greater experiences to all our clients.We look forward to welcoming you to our latest home in the near future. The kettle is always on.

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