Like many parents I work long hours to ensure that my family are cared for, but this also means that when I do get to take some time away it feels precious and incredible.  It’s funny how our lives completely transform when we have children; where I was heavily involved in sport in my younger years, now every spare minute I have I want to spend together as a family, such as a couple of weekends ago, when we all headed to Loughton.Away from the pulls of the office and my clients, I was able to relax and just enjoy every moment, with my phone firmly placed in my pocket, where it remained.  I’ve worked hard to build a team I can completely rely on, so when I’m away, I can now completely switch off - well almost!  This got me thinking about the landlords whose properties we manage.When you award a letting agency the privilege of managing your property, there needs to be a level of trust, trust that the agency will perform as contracted, with care and attention, but also trust that your property is in safe hands.  This level of trust needs to extend beyond just a feeling of safety, to allow you to be completely carefree, just as when I was with my family in Essex, where I was able to relax and enjoy the moment, knowing that my team would be efficiently and effectively managing the business in my absence.It is this deep rooted sense of trust that I have worked hard to establish over the years, and continue to do so.  I am, as my wife will confirm, a workaholic; my ethos has been strong from the start, and I have concentrated on the people, not the pounds.  If you provide the kind of service that attracts business due to its consistency at a high level, you have a business that will sustain itself through the highs and lows of the property markets, thus giving clients confidence in your offering - it’s a continuous circle.Being a workaholic also aids our landlords, as I am always on hand to offer advice; together with my team, I manage and resolve issues as if every property we manage were my own.  Having children makes you see things differently; I’m not saying that it has made me better at my job, but I often have a broader perspective - those of you with children will understand.  My priorities have changed, and I treasure the time we spend together as a family.Managing properties is, in a strange way, a bit like having a family; we care for each individual home we manage, we want the best for it, to see it succeed and, should it need help, be there to support, guide and help it to flourish for as long as we are needed, and beyond.

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