Do you shop local? Where do you go to buy flowers for your mum? Today, most people would likely say MoonPig or a large online retailer of the like. Whilst we think we are getting a better service for our money, we are depriving our local communities of the business. How can we fix this?

The solution lies in buying local in BH14, when we can browse the shops, why not become a tourist in our village and discover places you haven't visited!

The perks of buying local are practically endless. Local businesses are run by local people, meaning they are more likely to give you a personal and friendly service. It may turn out that the person who runs the shop also happens to live on the same road as you or your children go to school together. Not only this, but you have a better idea of the person behind the product! Connections such as this keep the community connected.

Not only does shopping local guarantee you a better service but it also benefits the small business. Your custom might be the difference between the business owner being able to afford swimming lessons for their children or not. You have the comfort of knowing that your money makes a difference rather than adding an extra digit onto a multi-million business owner’s income.

Local businesses are the heartbeat of a community. It is often these small businesses that give an area its charm and reputation. Therefore, utilising local businesses not only keeps your community alive, but also its unique image.

So, it’s decided. Local is most certainly best. Here at WeLoveLocal we aim to connect the BH14 community during these tough times in everything that we do, bringing together small local businesses and potential customers. 

Have you ever tried Soutars fresh meat? Red roasters coffee? Popped in to get your eyes tested at Whiffens? Tried Le Bateau’s stone baked pizza? Tasted a bottle of fine wine from The Village Vine? Got your golf clubs from Parkstone golf shop? Checked out Surface to Air the surf shop? Got a sausage roll from Bennett’s? Tasted an award winning chicken burger from Chicken & Blues? Bought a doggy treat from Marshalls? Ventured South African cuisine at ZimBraai? Got your hair done by The Industry? Our village has so many lovely little shops you must visit (of course sadly some are not open at the moment but they will be soon with our support).

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