When I tell people I’m an estate agent I often receive a variety of interesting responses, or I’m told tales of past moves – the good, the bad, and the ugly. But from time to time I also receive a brash comment or two, such as happened this weekend.  In passing, a gentleman said “an estate agent, that’s an easy life, you just post the property on the internet and wait until it’s sold.” The truth is that sadly in some ways he was right, as there are agents who rely on this ‘suck it and see’ approach.  This way of working breeds discontent; properties are often on the market for long periods, with the homeowners receiving request after request to lower the asking price – as though that is the reason for it not selling.  When a buyer is found, they see their role as complete, when in my eyes it is just getting started. You see, at LeaderFox we don’t just help you sell, we help you move. Where other agents’ service ends, ours continues.  It isn’t about one single stage of the process, or even several; it’s about a smooth transition from valuing your property to moving into your new home, and everything in between.  I’m proud that what we offer exceeds that of many other agents.  Bumping into past clients, many of whom are now friends, is validation that what we do well, and it’s how we do it that matters. We take time to understand your needs and situation, we then work with you to achieve it.  You may require a sale within a tight time frame; your situation may mean you wish to sell discreetly; or the wrench to leave might be so strong that you only wish to sell your precious home to the right buyer, the one that will treasure and adore it as much as you do.  No matter what your wish, we are here to support you through the entire process, always giving you an honest assessment. The advantage of being an independent agent is that we’re always working for the client’s best interest. We’re not swayed by a corporate body to promote and sell you additional services, such as mortgages or conveyancing, although we can recommend people, should you so wish. Our role is to ensure that we manage any challenges and to keep things moving in the right direction.  There may be times you feel overwhelmed, as things are often out of your control, but at LeaderFox we will always keep you informed and included.  To aid in this, you will have access to my mobile number, and I personally will be on hand to give you that reassurance when you need it. There are many kinds of estate agents, which approach will you choose? I'd advise against the "suck it and see" approach of course!

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