Late spring is an ideal time to put a home on the market, for sale or let. The lighting is great, the garden is in full bloom, people's spirits are high and it leaves time to get the children into the local schools by September. Despite it being a great time to sell or let, it is still important to make sure that the home is ready for viewing. One issue that is often overlooked when preparing for viewings, is the issue of pets. The property might be cleaned, preened and spruced but if a viewer with a dog allergy or phobia or general aversion spots Buster, that asking price offer can be gone as quick as the seller can say "walkies". With two dogs of my own, I know that dogs are part of the family. But I also know that some people don't love or feel as comfortable with animals as I do. We have had instances in the past where we have gone to do a viewing and a pet's presence is, to be tactful, present in every shape and form. That's why I have two top tips for those with pets wishing to sell/let: Book block viewings By booking block viewings it will be much easier to ensure you are able to take your pet out while viewings occur. Perhaps a friend or relative would consider pet-sitting while we show your home to potential buyers or tenants. Cleaning your home will also be much easier if you are doing it for one prolonged viewing slot than every single day. Minimise/Remove evidence of pets: Nothing says "Don't buy this house" like Eau de Cat. When you live with pet's day in, day out, you can become a bit nose-blind. Bring in a friend to give it a whiff. Don't try to cover up odours with air freshener, instead use enzyme cleaners or have a professional cleaning company come in to give your home a deep clean. Kitty litter boxes are a major turn off, no matter how much you love pets, and stepping into a pile of dog doo while touring the garden is likely to leave a lasting negative impression.Store food and water bowls, cat trees and carriers, and any pet toys out of sight. Hoover, hoover and hoover some more! Unless you have a pet that does not shed you will no doubt have a fair amount of animal hair in your home. This could also help alleviate any sensitivities to allergies.

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