With 2017 already being a distant memory (well for us at least) we have seen a very busy start to 2018. The last 7 days has seen us register 74 applicants and book 57 viewings. We have received 8 offers and agreed 5 sales. If 2018 continues like this, there aren't going to be too many people happier than I! Despite these tremendous stats, it's not all plain sailing and the market appears somewhat unpredictable. We have two or three listings that I had anticipated far more interest in and four or five where the demand has far exceeded our expectations. As professional agents we are as disciplined in our research as we are passionate in our marketing. Despite this we sometimes feel it's all a bit random. Therefore, never more than now, is it paramount to have a "strategy for success". 2017 saw us consistently achieve outstanding results and achieve higher prices than other agents in a shorter time span. We are constantly looking for those marginal gains to help us serve our clients better. Part of that is reviewing trends and studying transactions and so throughout the year I will share these market reviews with you to keep you informed about how your most valuable asset is performing. So here is the first market review of the year and fingers and toes remain tightly crossed that this great start continues...

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