Well, without wishing to sound like a broken record it sames it's more of the same. Fewer transactions continue to keep prices strong in the Parkstone conurbation. Details from Land Registry show transactions are down nearly 10% on the previous 12 month period and demand remains as strong as ever - as evidenced by the fact Rightmove traffic is up by nearly 10% compared to this time last year. We seem to be taking on more properties currently but it is difficult to tell if this is just due to the fact Christmas is now long gone or as an agency we are just increasing our market share. Looking at the stats, it would suggest a combination of these two factors rather than an increase in overall properties coming to the market. Regardless, demand continues to outstrip supply. It is interesting to see that Parkstone (Upper and Lower) continues to outperform the South West region on the whole. As a local resident this is not surprising to hear. It can be easy to forget just how fortunate we are to call this place home.

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