As an agency that now charges fixed fees, one of the things some sellers ask is "What is your incentive to get the best possible price?" I do understand the notion that if we get paid the same regardless of the sale price then we may not seem as motivated. However, when you consider most agencies currently charge less than 1% that means the agency only gets £100 for every extra £10,000 they negotiate. This is what the agency gets... the actual person negotiating a sale is likely to get less than £10 extra after-tax. I wouldn't suggest this is much motivation.. would you?

Further, we actually track how much extra we negotiate for our clients. From the first offer, we receive to the final sale price. I'm not aware of any other agency locally that does this. The reason we do this is we can track how much extra we generate for our clients and can continue to improve. As the famous consultant, Peter Drucker says "You can't manage what you can't measure" and for us, we believe this to be a really important metric.

Let's take 7 Selworthy for example. Sold for £45,000 over the marketing price in just 11 days. Crucially though we negotiated an extra 6.79% for our client. What's in it for us? Well, nothing financially. Not even an extra £45 that an agency on a % fee would have got.  We just love what we do and want to get the best outcome for our clients. Our results demonstrate this.

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